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Writer's Block: Bare necessities

Name three things you can’t live without.

I were about to write "shelter", "food" and "sex" but then considering, and maybe especially considering my non-existing love life, I suppose I should go for something alittle less basic.

My family of course, and my books, most definitly, and my computer so I can be in contact with my friends. It's almost the same when looking at it from this angle...*tilts head*


Writer's Block: Family ties

What do you love to do with your family?

With family I assume it's me and my boys. Or me, my boys and my parents. Either way it's about the same activities, travelling is fun, having a nice dinner is cosy, simply hanging out and chill is sweet. And then of course it's the day we're "helping out" spending a day in the garden or seeing to some kind of project with my or them parents' house. Simple things.